12924490_10153319757706082_5658573910284458504_nIya Funlayo was initiated to Ifa, Obatala, and Osun in 2008 in Isara Remo, Ogun State. Nigeria under the direction of Chief Efuwape Olatunji, the Ejubona of Isara. At home in the states, she has been under the guidance of  Chief Oluwole Ifakunle Adetutu.

She incorporated her Temple, Ile Ase Ire, Inc. in 2018 and through the temple she serves the community with weekly worship, personal and spiritual development tools, and journeys to sites of spiritual interest around the world.

Continually focused on spiritual expansion, Iya Funlayo has participated in African and indigenous ceremony around the world including Akan Akomb at the Black and White shrine in Kumasi, Ghana, communion with La Madre Ayahuasca in Lamas, Peru, and Temascal in Michoacan, Mexico.