Speaking at the second annual Black Religion, Spirituality and Culture (BRSC) conference at Harvard Divinity School


PhD, Harvard University (African and African American Studies, primary field in  Religion)
MA, The City College of New York (History)
BA, CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies (African Diaspora Studies)

Scholarly Interest:
Ifa-Orisa religion
Lived Religion
Philosophy of Religion
Religion, Science, and Technology
Gender and Sexuality in Africana Religions


Obi: Death, Divination, and the Divine Feminine (in progress)


2018 “Introduction to the Special Issue, ‘The Color of God: Faith, Race, and Interreligious Dialogue’,” The Journal of Interreligious Studies, no. 23 (May 2018): 4-9.

2018 “Bush Knowledge in the Concrete Jungle: A Day in the Life of an Urban Babalawo,” Transition, no. 125 (2018): 89-103.

2015 “Cyber Spirits, Digital Ghosts: African and Diasporic Religions in the Age of Collaborative Consumption,” CrossCurrents, Vol. 66, No. 1 (December 2015), 448-456.

2013 “Sacred Healing and Wholeness in Africa and the Americas,” Journal of Africana Religions 1.3, Vol. 1, No. 3 (2013), pp. 376-429.

Selected Presentations:

2018 “Not So Black Magic: Obeah, Agency, and Sexuality in Belize.” Caribbean Studies Association Annual Conference, Havana, Cuba, June 4 – 8

2017 “‘By This Time Next Year, I’ll Surely Be Worshiping the White Man’s God’: Children, Conversion, and Resistance in Yorubaland.” American Academy of Religion Annual Meetings, Boston, MA, November 18 – 21

2017 “Beyond the Oral: Learning the Language of African and Diasporic Religions.” Congress of Santa Barbara (KOSANBA) Twentieth Anniversary Conference, New Orleans, LA November 1-4

2016 “Glass Beads and Geles: Modes and Meanings of African American Ifa-Orisa Practitioners ‘Wearing Africa’.” American Academy of Religion Annual Meetings, San Antonio Texas, November 17 – 20

2016 “Aural Aesthetics and Kinesthetic Conversations: Examining Physical Epistemologies through Kola Nut Divination.” Ways of Knowing: Graduate Conference on Religion, Harvard Divinity School, October 27 – 29

2016 “From Kola to Coco: Diasporic Change and Continuity in Obi Divination.” Caribbean Studies Association Conference, Port au Prince, Haiti, June 5 – 11

2015 “Kinesthetic Knowing: Obi Divination and Epistemology in Yoruba Religio-culture.” The Humanities and the Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) of Africa and Africa’s Diaspora, Lagos, Nigeria, July 22 – 23

2013 “Cyber Spirits, Digital Ghosts: Diasporic Religious Identity in the Age of Collaborative Consumption.” American Academy of Religion Annual Meetings, Baltimore, MD, November 23 – 26

2012 “Spiritual Healing in a Digital World: Technology, Authority and Power in African and Diasporic Religions.” Ways of Knowing: Graduate Conference on Religion, Harvard Divinity School, October 26 – 27

2012 “Language of the Gods: Using Yoruba in Religio-Philosophical Analysis of Ifa-Orisa Religion.” Southeast African Languages and Literatures Forum, University of Florida, October 12